Simmo's Sunnies

Unique. Style. Diverse. Vigor. Menace.


Have an insight into my mind. Into my vision. Into my way of life.

About Simmo


Spots on a Saturday & Shells on a Sunday

The Book of Sir Carl 8:14


Swift like a cheetah, solid like a turtle, these hybrid pattern sunnies emit style and modernity wherever they go.

Consumed and worn by the masses, ready for any civilised event, it is easy to oversee Le beauté cachée in their design.


Our wings are flawed. Yet we still shine like Angels

Batrique the messiah


Once the ideal pair of casual sunnies, now with only a single lens they have ascended, risen from a state of


into the realm of

the idiosyncratic.

Aviators - The OG

What you're looking at is not a man, but a legend in the making. He will become a true Boss.

Arch - Simmo's right hand man


The original. Walk in with these bad boys on and the whole room goes quiet, all eyes on you.

Slick, Seductive, Conquer.

Fingers pointred at you, you point fingers back with a smile, slick your hair back and go about your day.

Retro Dior

They look like swimming goggles, I love it

Bimothy (1982)


Round. Oval. Retro hipster.

What on earth were they thinking?

These classic Dior's send us back through time, to an age and reality that many wish to forget.

I embrace it.

21st Century Hipster

毒 agathokakological (adj). composed of both good and evil 毒



See the world through my lens. Wanting to be different, yet if everyone is different then no one is. If one wears these they are not trying to be different, they are trying to fit in.

I am different. Dare to be different.

The Real Deal

The name is Simmo. And my God are you lucky to have me.



Lenses scratched, baring the scars of all my battles, made specifically for high level, elite combat. There's only one reason to wear these -

to get the job done


Ahhhh, he gets it

R.D. Sampson - Space Philanthropist


If the goofy, party life style isn't for you, then neither are these huge purple sunnies.

Honestly, it's difficult to even call these sunnies, they don't protect you from the sun, there's no lenses in them.

Fake Identity

He's the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve

Walter Wally


Abstract, random, unconventional.

Like a mask these sunnies keep your identity hidden making you unrecognisable.

Some see them as a joke, others find them questionable, only those who are cultured with truly refined tastes can appreciate the beauty found in these sunnies.